The Institute has well equipped laboratories and devoted teachers in different departments. Some of the teachers are dedicated and experts their level best efforts to make the students familiar with the practical knowledge in respect of their industrial and academic background. The laboratories of different departments are as follows...

  • Chemical / Petrochemical Engineering Department

    (a) Unit Operation Laboratory.
    (b) Energy Engineering Laboratory.
    (c) Fuid Mechanics Laboratory.
    (d) Heat Transfer Laboratory.
    (e) Recaction Kinetics Laboratory.
    (f) Mechanical Operation Laboratory.
    (g) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Laboratory.
    (h) Separation Process Laboratory.
    (i) Petrochemical Laboratory.
    (j) G.C. Laboratory.
  • Electrical Engineering Department

    (a) Electrical Machine Laboratory.
    (b) Electrical Measurement Laboratory.
    (c) Digital Electronics & Microprocessor Laboratory.
    (d) Applied Electronics & Industrial Electronics Laboratory.
    (e) Power System Laboratory.
    (f) Switch Gear & Protection Laboratory.

  • Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Department

    (a) Process Control Laboratory.
    (b) Basic Electronics Laboratory.
    (c) Analog Electronics & Digital Electronics Laboratory.
    (d) Electrical Measurement Laboratory.
    (e) Circuit Theory Laboratory.
    (f) Process Instrumentation Laboratory I & II.
    (g) P.C. Based Software Design Laboratory.
    (h) Microprocessor & Computer Architecture Laboratory I & II.

  • Civil Engineering Department

    (a) Computer Aided Design & Drafting Laboratory.
    (b) Civil Engineering Laboratory I.
    (c) Concrete & Road Materials Testing Laboratory.
    (d) Civil Engineering Laboratory-II.
    (e) Advanced Transportation Laboratory.

  • Computer Science & Technology Department

    (a) P.C. Utility, Business Application & Data Structure Laboratory.
    (b) Advance Software Laboratory.
    (c) Operating System Laboratory.
    (d) D.B.M.S. Laboratory.
    (e) Hardware & Network Laboratory.
    (f) Web Technolgy Laboratory.

  • Mechanical Engineering Department

    (a) Applied mechanics and Strength of Material Laboratory.
    (b) Thermal Engineering Laboratory.
    (c) Theory of machines and mechanism Laboratory.
    (d) Fluid Mechanics and machines Laboratory.
    (e) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory.
    (f) Manufacturing Process Laboratory.

  • Basic Science and Humanities Department

    (a) Basics Physics Laboratory.
    (b) Basics Chemistry Laboratory.

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